Nothing new : )

Just wanted to drop by and say hi!   Not much has been going on with me, which is a good thing in this place!  lol   Both my sons have moved out (one on his own; the youngest moved in with his dad - both of them only live a mile away), leaving me with empty nest syndrome.  lol  Although I suspect my one of them will be back before long.   I get to see my grandson Jax tonight - I will try to post some new pics of him!  He'll be two in October and still the light of my life.

Healthwise, I'm good...exercising 4/5 times a week and trying to keep this old body in shape.  lol   The lymphedema still flares, and I still hate it, but it's part of life. 

Um, what else?  Work is good - busy, busy.  I'm now working for three partners of the law firm, instead of two, and I think I'm losing my mind sometimes.  : )

I'm not dating anyone - just kinda taking that area of my life slow for the past few months. 

All in all, life is good...and that's why I post here now.  I remember reading posts about life after cancer...and it inspired me.  Because I couldn't see beyond what the current situation was back then.   I thought I'd never get back to normal.  And I didn't go back to normal.  There is no going back, only forward.  : )

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Helen Marshall, Hope sent you a hug.
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Your last three sentences are so true...
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I'm glad your life is running smoothly. That Jax is a cutie--can't wait to see more pics of him! I'm so proud of you for getting into the exercise! Who knows, maybe we'll do a race together someday! Take care, enjoy your life, and keep moving forward! Hugs!
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November 22, 2010

Yes. 2019

2019 - new mass in left breast. 2010- None - I found a lump, which turned out to by a cyst. That cyst was hiding one of the cancer tumors. The other tumor was closer to my chest wall.


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