Hi everyone!  As usual, it's been forever since I've been on here!  Lots of catching up to do.

Life has been rolling right along.  In the past few months, I've moved, got a new(er) car, cut off my hair! lol  I posted some pics of everyone. 

My grandson, Jax, is two and a half now.  He is such a huge part of my life.  I love him so much!  And his mama too!   Being "Oma" (German for "grandma") is the best part of my life.

My youngest son, who just turned 17, was accepted into a biomedical research program for his junior and senior years of high school.   He was one of 40 kids accepted in Tulsa County.   I gave him my old car and he has discovered a whole new world! lol  

My oldest son, almost 22, is staying with his dad until he moves to Texas next month.  He's had some issues...just too much chaos there.

I did see my breast surgeon and plastic surgeon in February and received an ALL CLEAR.   I will hit my five year mark in November.   I still suffer with the lymphedema, which is a total bitch.  

Life is good. 



Joyce In NC, Carmen sent you a hug.
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May you celebrate many more five-year tranches, and may your life *always* be good! Big hug, B
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I promise to hold a virtual party in November to celebrate your 5-year mark! I'm so glad you and Jax are having the time of your life and congrats to your son for getting into that research program. I hope things work out for your other son too. May you get nothing but good news from here on and may you be celebrating big time in November! Love and Hugs!
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Congratulations on your all clear and I will be so happy to welcome you into the five year club!
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You go Diane. I keep thinking of you kicking butt in Tulsa; did you move to the west coast?
I tells ya, you be one styling "Oma", that's for sure.
Life does sounds good for you.
Thanks for this happy update!!
More hugs to you.
Nicole...I did not move to Cali as that relationship disintegrated. :/ I try to kick butt every day! lol But, honestly, I'm just living life, one day at a time. You're quite the inspiration, Lady of the Larynx. : )
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September 16, 2010

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I am indeed blessed.

November 22, 2010

Yes. 2019

2019 - new mass in left breast. 2010- None - I found a lump, which turned out to by a cyst. That cyst was hiding one of the cancer tumors. The other tumor was closer to my chest wall.


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