I had surgery on 2/28.  They removed the cancer in left my pectoral muscle via "cookie cutter" method - basically included skin, tissue, and muscle down to my implant.  Another surgeon removed my implants and the alloderm at the same time.  I didn't experience pain, but it seemed to take a long time to get my energy back.  I suppose part of it was the cancer, the surgery, the recovery from the Bell's Palsy, and my son relapsed too.  There was a ton going on.

I started endocrine therapy - Zoladex and Letrozole - on April 4.  I immediately turned into an angry person.  But by May 15, I was a deeply depressed person.  I cried several times a day...for no reason.  The day I spent my lunch hour in a stairwell, bawling my eyes out - I called my doctor.  She told me to stop the Letrozole.  I did.  I went back to the doctor in early June and got the Zoladex implant and she wanted me to start Effexor - to help with the hot flashes that were keeping me up all night.  A side effect of that drug is insomnia...I lost the last bit of sleep I was getting.  We were supposed to find a new AI drug at my July visit.  I stopped that drug, and decided no more Zoladex either.  I was experiencing such pain in my feet, knees and hips - it hurt to walk.  Crocheting was hurting my hands.  I decided my mental health and physical health took priority.  I wasn't treating an active cancer - just trying to prevent it.  So I stopped it all, and haven't looked back.

I have a revision surgery on August 15 - because despite my direction to leave me flat, my surgeon did not do so.  I ended up with four bumps of tissue - two are at least an inch thick; the other two are a bit smaller.  They show through shirts.  I'm 51 - and don't want to look like this for the rest of my life.  I will tattoo again after I heal from this surgery.

I know some people think I should have persevered through the side effects.  I couldn't.  I am normally a happy, positive person.  Those meds turned me into a depressed, angry person, who was in pain from walking and crocheting.  I still can't run.  Although the other symptoms have improved for the most part, the pain my feet remains somewhat, as does the constant inflammation of my lips (such weird side effects...but that's me - my body is highly sensitive).

I feel good - just want to get the last surgery behind me, and hopefully, get my tattoos for my 52nd birthday.

Love to all.



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Diane, I am so sorry for all you have had to go through since your surgery. I had no idea that the meds were causing you such side effects. I don't blame you for wanting to get off of them, as I know you are not an angry person--that's just not you! I hope things continue to improve for you and that the final surgery will go well so that you can get on with life and be the happy person I know you are. I wish you all the best and with your family too. I love seeing the pics of you and your precious grandson. Take care, my sweet friend, and please let us know how the surgery goes. Hugs!

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2019 - new mass in left breast. 2010- None - I found a lump, which turned out to by a cyst. That cyst was hiding one of the cancer tumors. The other tumor was closer to my chest wall.


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